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  • Dale Chaney

PGI, Cam Plex and Dozers Games

Its a funny thing loosing one hearing. It sounds like you head has been covered in a pillow. Now multiply that by 4 days of extream fires works (over nine ton of explosives were shot off during that time.) The Pyrotechnic Guild International and the Cam Plex in Gillette Wyoming had a BLAST. With it being the 125 Aniversy of the state of Wyoming I find it rather fitting. Big sky, great people and explosives. What a combination. The only bother was the heat and a wandering thunder storm that crossed through the area. We had over 4,000 people per night and then the final night we had over 16,000 people attend the festival and grand display. To say that we were busy is an understatement.

Good thing that I had the entire Dozers Games staff there to help out with the Giant Topple Tower, Corn Hole boards, Feed Bucket Frisbee, Polish Bowling sets, Ladder Golf and Washer Toss along with room for 28 gamers at a time. It was nice to see that from small events to grand events we can fit the all. A special thanks goes out to the PGI and the Cam Plex staff. You put together a great show and I hope to work with you all again. Thanks for having us make your festival Extraordianry!

Dale L Chaney


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