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Dozers Games Fundraising Ideas

Dozers Games Fundraising Ideas

Dozers Games bringing the fun to you

Dozers Games bringing the fun to you

Dozers Games Kids love us

Dozers Games Kids love us

Dozers Games, we draw a crowd

Dozers Games, we draw a crowd

Dozers Games

Dozers Games

A great draw for your event.

Do you need a totally unique fundraising, festival or carnival idea? Take

a look at Dozer's Games Mobile Video Game Trailer! We have the largest

video gaming theater around with 7 gaming stations and the ability to

have up to 28 playing at the same time. That translates into increased

dollars and fun for your patrons!  More party for your party....that's

what we bring! The uniqueness of our rig provides you a fantastic way

to take in money or reward those that sell other goods on your behalf.


So how does this really work?


Option #1


One way is for your orginization to hand out our flyers, and if a party

is booked as a result, the organization receives $20 cash back for

fundraising per booked event.  We will print the color advertisements

with a special code and either mail them or drop them off to you.

All you have to do is distribute them!  No cost, no risk, no selling cookie

dough, no messing with pizza dough!!   You can even do an e-mail blast!  


Option #2


You hire our services as an incredible draw to your gathering, event

festival or fair and have a free play event. Parents will enjoy the safe

and secure play enviroment while they attend your event, and kids will

FLOCK to our trailer. This is generally best with a general admission

event where a wrist band or button is needed to attend the entire event.


Opton #3


You hire our services and host a tournament. The easy way to do this

is  by gaining local sponsors and prizes. Once the prizes are collected

you can then charge for entrance to this event and relax as we will set

up the brackets, and run the event for you. Madden football, NCAA football,

Halo, NBA, Call of Duty, Mario Cart and more. With our systems this is easy,

and you do not have the stress of puting the brackets and rules together.


Note* Dozer's Games Mobile Video Game Trailer staff are not permitted to collect any money from your patrons for your event, however we can collect tickets and rotate the players. Please have staff avaible for the collection of money.


Over the years we have done many different types of fundraising events. and we have found several key things that will help your event to exceed your expectations.


* Advertising is KEY!

       - We advertise your events on all of our multiple social media sites, however many people see us as a business just trying to make a buck and don't get the underlying message. However, if you advertise on social media, T.V., radio, and newspaper, it makes a whole world of difference. Local people will see a local face they know and are more likely to attend your event. We are an attraction for you to use so that your event will succeed! Create as much excitement as possible about your event.


* Location Location Location.

        - Not enough can be said about location. Look at your event and see where the traffic flow is, or will be. Where are the most people going to go by and see us?  It's tempting to spread everything out as much as possible, however, we have found in our experience that people want ease, convenience and safety. If we are placed too far away from where the parents will be, they will be less likely to allow their children to play.


* Professionalism

         - We understand that your event represents a lot about your organization, and we will strive to bring an air of professionalism, cleanliness, and safety to your event. Our trained and safety certified staff are full of knowledge about events of all types. Please feel free to let us know what you want and our proffessional staff will do everything we can to accommodate and make this a great event. Please let our staff know about any issues that may arise.


* Being unique

         - Our service is so new and unique that many have no idea what we are, let alone what it is that we do. We invite you to explore our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, and Pinterest accounts and learn about our innovative and unique entertainment experience. Use us to create a buzz about your event in your advertising, handouts and more. The bigger the buzz the more that will come out to see what it is all about.


More questions? call us at 402-322-9940 and we'll answer any questions. We're available in and around the Nebraska Panhandle and Southern South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming area. For events greater than 30 miles from Haxtun CO, a mileage charge is added.

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