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HELLO and Welcome!!


I want to welcome you to Dozer's Games. A mobile  entertainment service. We are an independent, family owned and operated business based in Haxtun Colorado. I want to assure you that when you call and ask for the owner you will talk to me, Dale Chaney. We do not go through a corporate phone tree, or separate booking service. I believe in first hand, the buck stops here, if there is a problem I fix it. There are many imitation companies out there, but not here. If you ask for me, you will talk to me.

My small business has participated in a number of events and have had many students, athletes, parishioners, birthday honorees, corporate employees, and grown-ups game with us! We started our adventure in December of 2013 and have been going strong. We have handled numerous mobile video game parties from Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado.


We do everything from birthday parties, school events, post proms, church festivals, charity events, to business events. You'll also find us at business and family expos, stock shows, county fairs, rodeos, holiday events like parades and city celebrations as well as athletic events from Little League baseball to football games. We have also helped raise funds for many charities and schools including the Relay for Life.

When we looked into starting our own business, it was important for us to give something back to the community. If a school, church or non-profit hands out our flyer and a party is booked as a result, the organization receives $20 cash back for fundraising. We can also raise funds by being part of a "kid’s zone" at a large event and either charging tickets to play in the Mobile Game Theater or accepting a wristband or ticket for timed play. Depending on the arrangement, either a percentage goes back to the organization or 100% goes back, if the Mobile Game Theater has been hired in advance.

The look on the kids' faces, young and old, makes our job fun. Every party is different and we have met some terrific families and organizations through this adventure!

I am Dale Chaney and our leading Game Coach and our resident Halo/Call of Duty expert. I was born in Haxtun, Colorado and lived on the family farm. I went to College and graduated with a B.A., and have spent a number of years as a Criminal and Drug Interdiction Officer and K-9 Handler, Public relations officer, Fire Fighter and EMT-B/ EMT Instructor. I take care bookings, appointments, and the financial end of the business and makes sure the Mobile Game Theater and equipment are in top working condition. My background is in Law Enforcement, Security, Fire, Ems, Safety, and Public Relations.

My wife Stephanie Chaney is a school teacher and is our resident editor for all printed content and is a closet gamer who refuses to acknowledge her inner gamer publicly, (except for frogger).

Emily, Adrianna, and Ryan are our dedicated sales and experimental game testers. They have the tough jobs of testing all games that come in for content and play-ability. It's rough job but someone has to do it.


If you have any questions call us at 402-322-9940 so that we can assist you with your party needs. We also want you to rest assured that we are not a franchise, you will be treated like family and we will do our best to make sure your event is the best that it can be.


The Chaneys

Dozers Mobile Video Game Truck
Dale Chaney and Dozers Games crew
Dozers Games Social Specialist
Dozers Games Game Tester
Dozers Games Game Coach
Dale Chaney and Dozers Games
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