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  • Dale Chaney

Consider Dozers Games For Your Post Prom

Dozers Games Post Prom

Post Prom guide 101: Ideas to put together a great post prom.

1. Make a master book

2. Booking Early

3. Other sources of entertainment

4. Funding Ideas

5. Venues

It's that time of year again when schools and parents are looking for the next post prom idea. Hard work and a lot of time are put into planning post prom. Music, food, and fun are all key for a fun time.

We at Dozers Games take post prom season serious. We believe that it is important to support our schools and keep the kids safe during this time of year.

He have a few tips and tricks that we have learned through the years that you may or may not have used or heard of.

1) Make a Book.

If you haven't start a note book with all the information inside. Contact information of vendors, food, entertainment, music and others. Then you will be able to pass on this information to the next parent or sponsor.

2) Book early.

When booking, book as early as possible as the calendars of post prom entertainers, and vendors fill quickly.

3) Other sources of entertainment.

Reach out to the local or area National Guard unit. They at times have inflatables that they can use for recruitment. Usually they do not charge to be at your event and they usually send staff to assist with what they bring. As with Dozers Games we are totally self contained and bring our own staff to events. This is a big help as then you don't need as many chaperones at the event.

Have a local band? Or even a local DJ? Give them a try.

4) Funding.

There are a number of business that you can reach out to for possible funding for your event. For example if you need a hotel. Have the hotel sponsor a room and in return offer to advertise for them during post prom, or even other school events.

Phone companies, Farm elevators, Banks, Newspapers, Lions clubs, Rotary Clubs, and even bake sales are all possibilities that you can use.

Another idea is to open the Post Prom two hours early to the public and take an entrance fee to help cover some of the costs.

5) Locations

There is always the normal use the school gym, but if need don't be afraid to reach out the the local Fire department or county fair grounds for use of their buildings. For example we at Dozers Games have done many post proms in 4-H buildings, fire halls and school gyms. We have adapted to numerous locations

The main thing to remember is that no matter what you decide to do for the night, remember to have fun and relax. The main goal is to provide a safe environment for the kids to play and gather and have a great time.

Have a safe post prom season from Dozers Games.

Dale Chaney

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