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  • Dale Chaney

Fair Time 2019

Fair Time fun with Dozers Games

Hello and here we go again. Fair season is fast on us and we are on the road traveling to the far reaches of the states we service, including Minot ND AFB again. WOW what a road trip. This time Ryan was able to go with me and we had a blast. Great people here in Minot AFB and they know how to treat us well.

Traveling along the road and seeing new faces from Minot Nd, to Sundance Wy, Keith County Nebraska, Eustis Nebraska and a number of points in between. There have been many difficulties that started this year, but we are plowing through and still going strong.

One group of people that we have meet and had a blast with was a group of honest to goodness Knights. The Knights of Valour with Shane Adams. Full contact Jousting. A great batch of people who participate in the roughest sport I have yet to see. You can check them out here,

Thank you all for signing Ryans sword. He loves it.

Dale Chaney

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