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  • Dale Chaney

Looking Back and to the Future

Hello, and welcome.

As I prepare for the upcoming year and talk to a number of people about my business I can't help but think back to the beginning. It had been filled with fun, travel and yes more than a little heartburn and more. But overall it has been great. Playing games and meeting new people, it's been a blast. However there have moments that have made everything worth it.

One father stopped by while I was cleaning the trailer and wanted to see inside. He seemed sceptical at first but then warmed to the idea of everyone being out of the house at his son's birthday party. (and so did his wife) We worked out a plan right in my driveway to surprise his son and the other family members that were going to attend.

As planned I arrived opened the trailer and had a great party with numerous adults and kids present. For me it was another successful event and happy customers. But it didn't end there.

Some time later the father again stops by while I am cleaning the trailer (yes I am a bit of a bug about cleaning) and told me this:

"after you left my son walked up to me and told me how much fun he had and that it was a great present. He also told me how awesome I was. Those are words you don't hear from a teenage boy very often. Thank you."

Now I am not saying that we can solve problems or fix things or anything of the sort, but we do provide a fun experience that's great for all that attend. And if we help bring friends and family closer, heck just call it a perk.

Happy Gaming All.

Dale L Chaney


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