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Dozers Games on the move.

Dozers Games on the Move!!!!!

Hi every one. Boy what a busy summer this has been for us at Dozers Games. It has seen a lot of changes and additions. We have traveled from Pierce County Nebraska to Moorcroft wyoming, to Haxtun Colorado. Tons of miles and smiles with our games, and our new Knockerballs. Its been a lot of fun with the travel and the meeting new and seeing old friends. Fair season is almost done and the fall festivals are now coming up. you can expect to see us still on the run doing what we do best. Having a blast. Make sure to follow us at

We try to keep our content up to date and there are also times that we come to you live from the events them selves ( data willing ) We do have new news that is coming up, but for now just know that we have a change coming up with us. So stay tuned for more info on that.

Thanks again for all the support that you have all shown us at Dozers Games.

Dale L Chaney Owner

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