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  • Dale L Chaney

In Memory of Reon Chaney

I know that many of you reading this, or that have had us at your events are wondering who Reon Chaney was. Back when this business was just a dream I approached Reon about this business. Though being 80+ years old he sat and listened to my ideas and plans. It amazed me a bit when he called me three days after the meeting and said "do it" for lets face it. Not many 80+ folk know or care about video games. However he jumped in lock stock and barrel and not only helped, but went wth me to pick up the trailer. That is a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life. Reon came to many events and enjoyed brining candy to fire off in the cannon. He laughed so much when I fired off the cannon and the kids ran for the candy.

However today was the day we lost a great supporter and my father Reon Chaney. After a a year long battle with cancer, he passed away. Thank you all for sticking with us in this time. Running a family business and having a loss like this has been difficult. Thank you all for your thoughts and cards.

-Dale L Chaney

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