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  • Dale Chaney

WOW August Already.........

All i can say is WOW. It has been a busy summer for Dozers Games and our mobile game truck/theater. WE have been to Colorado, Nebraska, SOuth Dakota and Wyoming, City events, fairs and a huge 7 day convention in Gillette wyoming. It has been a very busy summer. Check out the photos and Videos at

I have really enjoyed meeting and working with a lot of people, and have enjoyed this adventure. At times I have been very tired and ragged around the edges when things dont work right, (like a generator that refuses to start and keep running.) but I have retained my sense of humor and pulled through. However now comes the hard time of year. Even though Dozers Games is self contained, heated and cooled, and has no problem operating in cold weather things are starting to slow down. Though I am still on the go dont forget the September through December events. We have have a full calander but we always try to make room.

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