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  • Dale Chaney

So Why Dozers Games for a Name?

This is a question that I get asked a lot. To get some of the back ground check out our About section. But here is the whole story. Back in Collage I kept my hair really short and some one had made the comparison to me and Bull Shannon on the TV show Night Court. (don't know about Night Court ask your parents.) So the nick name "Bull" stuck. So now fast forward during my active years as a Criminal and Drug Interdiction Officer. After three years my partner "Gino" (photo below) passed away due to cancer and I was given the chance to get another partner. His Name was Dozer. A passive alert yellow lab. The next several years we worked hard and well until we both retired. We were know as the "Bull Dozer" to many friends and criminals alike. The name Dozers Games was a spark of mine that was a tribute to my partner Dozer and the hard work and years we worked together. Many of you wonder about "Gino" his license plate cover is mounted on the trailer. You will also notice a police car on the side of the trailer, my tribute to those that still work the night shifts, swings, and long hours as a Police Officer.

So this business is more than a busines to me. It's some thing special and heart felt, and means a lot. It is also a reminder to me to make sure to do my best every day in every way to take care of you my customers.

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